KRC Update

March 18, 2022

by Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Leonie Darken

Overdue Library Books

Overdue library books are an issue that we have thought over carefully.  While it is never our intention to discourage boys from borrowing due to the fear of losing or damaging a book, it is very much our intent to encourage boys to be responsible borrowers.  To this end, we have an automated process to deal with overdue library books.  I thought it timely to outline this process as we are not far away from the “notifying parents” component of the procedure. Our returns trolley is deliberately placed at the entry of the library, for a quick drop off.  (See the below photo).

Step 1 – 14 days overdue, the student receives an overdue email notice

Step 2 – 35 days overdue, the student receives a second overdue email notice

Step 3 – 56 days overdue, the student receives a third and final overdue email notice

Step 4 – 70 days overdue, the parent receives email notification that their son has overdue items (they are encouraged to ask their son to view emails that include details of books)

Step 5 – after a book is overdue by 84 days, parents are then billed for items via school fee accounts

Please note that after every overdue notice, time is given to locate and return items.

Even after billing, if items are returned in a shelf worthy condition and or a timely manner, a refund will be provided. At any stage in this process, students and parents are encouraged to contact library staff with any queries.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!