KRC Update

May 21, 2020

by Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Leonie Darken

New developments in the KRC during remote learning

We are excited to begin the process of welcoming our students back into the library space and are very pleased to be able to have rejuvenated some of the areas of the library over the period of remote learning. We look forward to both students and teachers utilizing these spaces on their return.  We have completed the process of generifying the fiction collection and boys should now enjoy the option of selecting books that are grouped together because they cover similar themes.  The genres we have chosen are  sport, humour, war, historical fiction, animals, mystery and suspense, crime, realistic fiction, horror, supernatural, fantasy, adventure, survival, dystopian and science-fiction.

Once we had completed this area of the library, we were able to shift our focus to the non-fiction collection.  This collection had been stored in a confined area with restricted access and full utilisation of what is a very comprehensive collection.  We have now been able to display the collection on new shelving and placed it in the body of the library enabling the boys to explore the collection as they move to the two classroom spaces available to them.  We have been able to forward face many books in order to “grab” the attention of students and teachers as they browse.  Such forward facing books will be frequently changed to suit interests or topics currently being taught as part of the curriculum.

Each of the classrooms has a specific book display unit attached which will allow us to display books that relate specifically to the topic being studied by the group of boys whose teacher has booked this spot.   The classrooms have new chairs and mobile tables, which allows for flexibility when using these spaces.  Both classroom spaces can be serviced by a large screen TV and the adjacent print area.  The print area facilitates their printing needs and allows a large space for them to work around.  Scissors, glue and coloured paper are all provided for students who are creating or completing assessment tasks.