KRC Update

May 27, 2022

Raising awareness for Reconciliation Week

The KRC continues to connect with both student learning and community events.  This week has seen us display a rich collection of physical books relating to Reconciliation Week.  The display promotes our Fiction and Non-Fiction books that have a connection with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.  We can gain great insight and empathy from reading from our fiction collection, allowing us a greater appreciation of the struggles many of these peoples have gone through.  “Walking in someone else’s shoes” via a novel provides a private space to learn from these struggles and then shape the world we live in moving forward.  Our Fiction Collection offers the voice of many First Nations authors as we learn from firsthand experiences and knowledge passed down through generations.

This display currently adorns our entry.

The book display greets students as they enter the Fiction or Quiet Reading end of the library.