KRC Update

July 29, 2022

by Acting Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Ingrid Perkins

Over the next fortnight, SPC student and staff volunteers will be participating in the Deakin University/QUT project which will survey Discovering a ‘Good Read’: Pathways to reading for Australian teens in a digital age. This project aims to identify young Australians’ reading tastes and practices and the factors that influence their choices. The KRC will use the aggregate findings (available from September at to better inform our reading programme’s design and selection of resources for our students.

The KRC Team is currently preparing for our Book Week celebrations which will be held in Week 5 of Term 3 to coincide with the College’s Inclusion Week. Our theme for this year is Dreaming of worlds beyond our own.  We continue to  develop a collection that reflects our readers’ interests knowing that “students feel validated when their life experiences are shown in literature.” The upcoming Book Week celebrations will showcase literature that explores experiences that may be beyond our own and invites everyone to seek a deeper understanding of others.