KRC Update

December 1, 2022

by Acting Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Ingrid Perkins

During the last fortnightly cycle of WIRED, the library staff have encouraged students to return any resources they no longer need, and if books have gone missing, to have proactive conversations with the KRC staff and their parents. Many missing items will undoubtedly turn up at the bottom of lockers or bags as the students complete their end of year clean out, however, more thorough searches at home may be necessary. The KRC Team will follow up missing items when students return to school in 2023 and any resources returned at this time and in good condition will not be billed.

The 2023 Booklists have now been made available here. There have been many changes to VCE Study Designs for 2023, and we therefore urge families to be particularly careful when purchasing second hand copies as old editions of textbooks may vary substantially from those currently booklisted.

For those students who will be taking long road/air trips over the holidays, a great way to begin engaging with the set English texts is to listen to an audiobook edition of their text. Audible is one online service that carries most of SPC’s booklisted texts and has free trials available. Central Highlands Library has BorrowBox which offers free audio and ebooks to library members, and our own Wheelers ebook collection is available to all SPC students and staff online.

On behalf of the KRC Team, we wish you and your family peace and joy this Christmas season.