KRC Update

October 16, 2020

by Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Leonie Darken

Fiction and Fun – Focus for Term 4

It was wonderful to see the student’s return to the College this week and once again fill the library with chatter and enthusiastic young men.

Traditionally CBCA Children’s Book Week is programmed to be held next week. This year, due to the many COVID related interruptions and the business of Term 4, completion of course work and assessment focuses, we have decided to try to celebrate Fiction and Fun over all weeks of Term 4, in the name of Book Week celebrations. The theme for book week is Curious Creatures Wild Minds and our first theme related fun activity has been launched this week – the Library LEGO Challenge. We have chosen the theme “make a monster” as our first challenge and included are photos of some of the boy’s creations. Students are invited to attend a lunchtime challenge to create a character or item in 30 minutes. Challenge entries are judged, and winners awarded a canteen voucher.  A big thank you must go to a generous anonymous donor for their donation of the LEGO for this activity!  Other activities will be released during WIRED classes in the coming weeks.




This week the library has been delighted to be able to host the daily watching of a movie, part of the Afternoon Activities Program running over the next three weeks. We have created a viewing space that allows the boys to spread out, dim the lights and enjoy the film.