KRC Update – April 4, 2019

April 3, 2019

What a busy First Term -“ looking forward to Term 2

First Term 2019 has seen much activity in the KRC.- The WIRED program has rolled out seamlessly to all year 7-9 students.- All students involved in the program have been signed up to an online Reading Log called Reading Rewards and it is hoped that over the holiday period, they continue to read and log their reading.- All students have been given the opportunity and encouragement to borrow holiday reading from our collection. Our collection development has continued, with the purchase of many new Fiction titles to support both our reading program and classroom teaching and learning.

We have displayed books within the KRC during the term that have complimented the Teaching and Learning happening in the classrooms.- Such displays have been Vikings, Angkor Wat, South East Asian Countries, the Khmer Empire, Anzacs and the Holocaust.- Books have also been placed in themed displays, the first of which has been -animals-.- Here we have mixed Fiction and Non-Fiction titles or varying levels together to further pique boys’ interest in reading and research.-

Mrs Ann-Maree Hannon, the Assistant Director, has initiated a -Who reads what?- competition where students must match 5 staff members and 5 students to their favourite books. The winner will receive a $5 canteen voucher.- This has caused much banter to be had around the display during lunchtimes as entries were -nutted- out.-