KRC Update – February 18, 2016

February 17, 2016

WIRED 2016

The WIRED (Wide Interest Reading English Development) program for years 7 -“ 9 students at St Patrick’s College is in its eighth year. Best practice requires programs to be regularly reviewed to ensure they are meeting their stated goals and it is important to ensure that we measure outcomes of the program both in terms of developing reader aptitude and attitudes. We do this through a Reader Profile Survey at the start and the end of the year and by analysing students’ On-Demand Reading Comprehension Test results.

The English teachers use the Reader Profiles for discussions about a student’s reading habits and interests. The WIRED team reviews the data holistically looking for trends and areas where the program can be improved. Time and time again at the end of the year the boys report the thing they like most about WIRED is the opportunity to read a good book. They love being granted the time to read something that they have selected and is of interest to them.

I think there are two important messages from this finding for us as educators and you as parents and guardians.

Firstly, boys enjoy reading if you give them good books. Contrary to what we might think, they love fiction. Again and again our survey data of hundreds of students shows us this. We will continue to maintain a collection of print, eBooks and audiobooks that engages boys and we’ll introduce them to titles they might enjoy. Please ask your son about the books he has borrowed in WIRED. Every two weeks he has an opportunity during class time to browse, borrow and read. He is also welcome in the KRC during recess, lunch, before and after school to read, request and suggest books. Please encourage him to bring them home to discuss with you and by all means, read them as well.

The other important message from the data for us all is that boys like reading when they have the opportunity.- It requires us to sanction time for students to immerse themselves in a book. Please help your son designate time to read as part of his homework regime. We know that sustained silent reading greatly enhanced a student’s language development. We also know that reading requires more of us than sitting passively in front of a screen so we need to help students set aside time to read. Studies are showing that for a quality sleep it is much better to read a few pages rather than look at a screen before we go to sleep. Reading in bed is beneficial on a number of counts and he can say he’s doing his homework! Please support us in building recreational readers.

To see the results of last year’s Reader Survey and the improvement students made in their On Demand Comprehension Test please go here.