KRC Update – March 17, 2016

March 16, 2016

KRC holiday opening hours

The KRC will be open for study and borrowing during the holidays from 9.00am -“ 4.00pm every weekday.

Download a film or program!

Students can download films and programs onto their devices using ClickView. This is especially useful for VCE students to supplement/support their study. For example, Year 12 English students can download the film A Separation onto their iPads to review over the holidays. For assistance come to the KRC.

Reading and Resilience

We are all aware of the need to read to develop literacy but often the other benefits of reading novels are less appreciated. It’s much harder to measure the value of reading as a tool to test run life. For reading allows us to live vicariously through the lives of others. The difference between reading fiction and non-fiction -“ the news and a novel is quite simple. The news gives us a snapshot of an incident -“a car accident, a mountain summited, a missing child. Stories allow us to learn the impact of these events. Through novels we feel the guilt of the driver and the way life moved forward, the family’s anguish for the missing child, the glory of the climber and the pain and sacrifice before-hand. We learn how life moves on and how people cope sometimes barely, sometimes brilliantly. In turn this builds our own coping strategies for every story read, inadvertently adds a coping strategy to your resilience tool kit.

To adventure, fail and succeed within the pages through reading (or listening, as audiobooks are just as valuable) has been proven to develop empathy, resilience and engages our brains as if we were participating in the very activities about which we read.

With the holidays coming around the corner, please encourage your son to borrow books and audiobooks for the holidays.