KRC Update – November 22, 2017

November 22, 2017

Reading Towards Deep Reading

With the advent of mobile screens in our lives we are now reading more than ever. The range of content to read online is endless and can be both informative and entertaining. Whilst skimming and scanning, we scroll through thousands of words and images but how often do we deeply engage with a text?

Allowing ourselves time for contemplation, insight and discovery -“ for deep reading.

More than just comprehension, deep reading requires us to use background knowledge to deduce and make inferences about new information.

Deep reading gives us the ability to be critical thinkers, to analyse information with not just logic but empathy and compassion -“ something, surely, we want for all our boys.

We have been researching the effects of increased online reading on the brain and the implications this has for schools. The literature suggests that developing deep-reading skills is an important part of education and one of the ways to support this is through reading print books for recreation. Simply by reading a good book.

The WIRED reading program provides the books and some time for deep reading but we need to encourage and support reading beyond the classroom.- The summer break provides such a time.

Please encourage your son to prepare for the holidays by borrowing several books and encourage him to read them.