Michael Collins (SPC 1962-70)

March 20, 2024

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Old Collegian Michael Collins (SPC 1962-70) on 12 March 2024.

Michael, known to some of his school mates as “Fred”, passed away peacefully at home in Gembrook, after a battle with MND.

Michael was a member of the Third XVIII Football team in 1970.

Michael was a boarder from Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea. He started his studies at SPC in Grade 5 and spent nine years at SPC, completing his matriculation.
Michael was a keen footballer and rower during his time at SPC, notably in the Third XVIII and Fourth XVIII Football teams, where he was often voted in the best on ground. Michael was a member of the Second Rowing crew in 1969 alongside Shaun O’Shannessy, Brian Mulcahy, Frank Bortolotto and cox Les Zumberovic.

He was also a good runner, involved in the cadets and remembered as a “very friendly jovial introvert with a ‘shock’ of red hair”.
Michael is remembered by a classmate as follows “Mick was smarter and more mature than me  (and a lot of our classmates) at SPC. He often sat behind me in study at night, and wrote poetry. He would sometimes hand his poems to me to read. Some of them were dark. Others had an insight into and understanding of things, I knew nothing about. He was both a perceptive and perspicacious bard!”

After leaving St Pat’s, Michael worked in the Victoria Public Service. Whilst there, he obtained an Economics degree at Monash University and had a very successful career in the Department of Finance & Development. After leaving the VPS, he started renovating homes.
We pass on our condolences to Michael’s wife Christine and their family; and his sister Tess and her extended family.

Michael Collins, pictured in his Form 6 class photograph, as published in the 1970 College Annual.

Michael was involved in rowing at SPC, as published in the 1969 College Annual.

Michael was a member of the SPC Fourth XVIII Football team, as published in the 1968 College Annual.

Michael pictured in his grade five class photograph, as published in the 1962 College Annual.