Middle School Report

June 16, 2020

What a different atmosphere we have back at school now that our life blood, our students, have returned. It has been great to see the boys and our staff reconnecting once again. It has in fact been the boys longest break from face-to-face schooling that they have ever experienced so the transition for some of our boys has been slower than others. Remote and Flexible Learning has, though being quite successful on most levels, also exposed some students who have not been able to embrace this type of learning. The teaching staff are working very closely to allow all Year 9 boys to feel that their education continues to move forward, in preparation for a solid start to Semester 2. These remaining weeks are vital to ensure that all boys are settled back into the groove of working in the classroom amongst their peers and with their teachers, that they are completing their work both inside the classroom and as assigned homework and that any remaining assessment tasks are completed to the best of their ability. Waiting to return to this level of performance, at the start of Semester 2, will only exacerbate any shortfalls your son is experiencing.

Current government regulations surrounding schools during the COVID-19 Pandemic also means that special events for Year 9’s are also suspended until such time as these restrictions are lifted. What I am referring to here is the Melbourne Experience (Term 3) and the Grampian’s Camp (Term 4).

I still hope that we will be able to conduct the Melbourne Experience in the last three days of Term 3 and that the Grampians Camp will be able to remain where it is in Term 4; it is important to note that the current Victorian Government direction does appear to be heading along the ideals of re-opening up places and relaxing the COVID-19 regulations; but right now these two very special Year 9 experiences will need to remain suspended until such time as these regulations are changed. We are also continuing to investigate other local experiences that can meet the current guidelines, so that our 2020 boys don’t feel as though they are the year group that missed out on everything.

Finally another reminder that we have decided to extend the length of Term 2 by four days into Week 11; thus finishing the term on Thursday, June 25, so that staff and students have more time to complete all Term 2 tasks in preparation for the positive Semester 2 start.

Mr Michael Busscher

Director of Middle School