Middle School Report

November 14, 2019

Last week, following our long weekend, we headed out with all of the Year 9s to complete our final camp experience at The Grampians.

Our final camp experience saw the largest undertaking engaged by the College as we successful transported, housed, fed and offered a myriad of outdoor experiences for the entire Year 9 Cohort for three days in the magnificent surroundings of Hall’s Gap and the Grampians. This is the only camp experience in which the whole year level is all present at the one time and in the same place. Here the boys were able to participate in a number of challenging experiences including a multiple array of hiking experiences, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking and canoeing. These experiences encouraged all of our boys to develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment, increased their understanding of teamwork and resilience and ultimately continued to develop their leadership skills. Here is what some of our boys had to say as they reflected on their camp experience:

Did you find the camp challenging?

The hikes were hard and challenged my fitness but worth it in the end, the view was great

I liked the high ropes and got heaps out of it.

The canoeing was hard as it was freezing and really windy.

The abseiling because I went out of my comfort zone and loved it so much I did it 5 times and I would have done more but everyone else wanted to get ice cream.

Abseiling was amazing and I recommend it to anyone that can have a go at it. Also food was really good.

Zero to hero (not the canoeing) Enjoying time with the boys not on phones.

I enjoyed the Mountain bike riding along the trail and I also enjoyed the high ropes because it was challenging and I was out of my comfort zone.

The part I enjoyed the most were activities such as high ropes. It involved communication and pushed me out of that comfort zone.

Year 9 Exams

The Year 9 Examination period will start on Monday December 2 and conclude on Friday December 6 which will be the final day in Year 9 for your son. This day will conclude with our Middle School Awards Ceremony starting at 2.10pm in the Pavilion.

In preparation for the final Examinations of Year 9

Firstly, boys’, YOU must accept full responsibility for the preparation YOU must complete towards YOUR final Examinations. This preparation must begin in full earnest immediately. YOU must commit yourself to an increased level of effort and undivided dedication in every attempt to, not only improve upon YOUR Semester One results but also set a clear goal of achieving YOUR personal best. This can be achieved when you:

  • Complete all set homework nightly.
  • Synthesise class notes and complete any extension questions.
  • Never waste time whilst in class or at home completing tasks.
  • Keep up to date with all class work by setting completion deadlines for these activities.
  • Follow your teacher’s directions explicitly and personally see your teachers for extra assistance regularly.

KNOWLEDGE is POWER and therefore Middle School SUCCESS is very POWERFUL!

Here is the 2019 Year 9 End of Year Examination Timetable:

Date Study
Mon 2 Dec
Sessions 2 & 3 English
Foundation English
Session 4 & 5 Food Studies
Studio Art
Systems Engineering
Visual Communication and Design
Design Technology – Wood
Tue 3 Dec
Sessions 1, 2 & 3 Humanities
Wed 5 Dec
Sessions 2 & 3 Japanese
Sessions 4 & 5 Mathematics – Pre-General
Mathematics – Pre-Methods
Mathematics – Pre-Vocational
Thurs 5 Dec
Sessions 2 & 3 Religious Education
Friday 6 Dec
Sessions 2 & 3 Science
Sessions 4 & 5 Morrisby testing

I hope that all of our boys achieve the success they are busily working towards throughout this last term in the Middle School.

Mr Matthew Taylor

Acting Director of Middle School