Middle School Report

June 10, 2021

by Mr Michael Busscher, Director of the Middle School 

Next week will unfortunately see the Smart Assk incursion planned for Tuesday, June 16 cancelled. It is hoped that once the current COVID-19 regulations around schools are removed we will look at an available opportunity of rebooking this opportunity for the boys. Our Semester One Examinations will still be able to continue, so much is currently been done in-terms of preparation for this experience. Please note that normal classes will continue whenever there is no examination being conducted and that all Middle School Examinations will be conducted for 80 minutes. I have attached the examination schedule for you at the following link: 2021 Year 9 Semester 1 Examination Schedule (1)  Following the examinations, the boys will enjoy their three-week break, and we look forward to the second semester and building upon what has been achieved thus far.

In respect to the Year 9 Melbourne Experience planned for the second week back next term, Monday July 19 to Friday July 23, we have fully booked and planned for this important event but it is important that I recognise that our current COVID-19 regulations for schools does not permit such an excursion. As such, we will need to wait until the first week back in Term 3 to make the final decision, if the Current COVID-19 regulations in schools has been relaxed enough to permit the excursion. If the current COVID-19 regulations have not been relaxed then the 2021 Year 9 Melbourne Experience will be completely cancelled and there will not be any further opportunity of changing the dates, as it takes significant time to reschedule the necessary bookings at all of the venues that we visit.

Fingers crossed that we are able to proceed.

Mr Michael Busscher

Director of Middle School