Middle School Report

November 29, 2019

by Acting Director of the Middle School, Mr Matthew Taylor

As we approach the final week of teaching and learning students continue to work towards the end of the year busily finishing off any final assessments and preparing for the end of year exams.

On Friday November 22 a small group of Year 9 students took time out of their day to represent the College working at the Ballarat Tech School on the ‘Mars Wrigley Chocolate Innovation Program’. The program focussed on the manufacturing industry with students working in teams to design a new chocolate product and with an emphasis on mathematical calculations regarding design and waste. Students had to design, make and pitch their product. Well done to Harrison Carlyon, Rory Clarke, Max Cosgriff, and Jack Miller.

On Monday November 25 Mr Brett Earl assisted his Design Technology Metal class in the testing of their final production task, the BBQ, with an initial firing and successful cooking of sausages. An activity the boys thoroughly enjoyed.

I have received a lot of inquiries regarding the Morrisby testing. Students have received the following link to complete some practice questions so they understand the format of this assessment, these questions take about 10 minutes and can be found here: https://app.morrisby.com/Morrisby-Online-Practice-Questions=

The Morrisby Profile test is an assessment tool for determining how strengths, interests, and personality can help direct students toward appropriate career paths.

The results from the test will help guide students to make informed choices about their future. The key benefit of a Morrisby Profile test is that it objectively measures strengths and the career directions in which these strengths point.

Morrisby can help in a number of situations, including:

  • Self discovery helps students understand themselves and the sort of options that will suit them.
  • When a student doesn’t know which subjects to pick, Morrisby’s study suggestions will give ideas.
  • When there is a concern that a student’s desired career or study choices might not suit them then Morrisby’s impartiality and objectivity helps with the decision making.
  • Boosting motivation by providing a career goal and what is required to achieve it.
    The results from the Morrisby test will be utilized in 2020 when your son has the opportunity to undertake work experience at the end of Term 2, further information regarding this will be sent out over the Christmas break.

I would like to personally thank all teachers who contributed so much to the life and vibrancy of the Middle School. In particular, I would like to thank Mr Michael Busscher for the leadership he has shown throughout the year. I must give the highest commendation to Mr Sam Cue and Mr Shane Hayes in their roles as Year Level Coordinators. They have not only been a great support for me and Mr Michael Busscher but must be congratulated for their care, professionalism and energy; guiding and supporting the young men of the Middle School.  I also thank the Middle School Pastoral Care Tutors including, 9A – Ms Louise Macquire, 9B – Mrs Nadeera Jayasinghe, 9C – Ms Bridie Laffey, 9D – Mr Emmanuel Desfosses, 9E – Mr Michael Weadon, 9F – Mr Liam Davie, 9G – Mr Kieran Baxter, 9H – Mr Andrew Agardy, 9I – Ms Janelle Spierings, and 9J – Ms Andrea Hadley. This wonderful and dedicated group worked tirelessly, ensuring all boys were exposed to a range of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual challenges.

Lastly, to the Year 9 boys of 2019, although your time has come to an end don’t forget the challenges you have overcome, the knowledge you have received and the bonds that you have formed. Take them with you and continue to use them along your journey. Good luck and have a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2020.

Mr Matthew Taylor

Acting Director of Middle School