Middle School Report

July 22, 2021

by Mr Michael Busscher, Director of the Middle School 

Welcome back to the second Semester. Unfortunately, the Melbourne Experience planned for this week had to be cancelled due to the Victorian increase in Covid-19 numbers and the Victorian Government’s decision to lockdown Melbourne. Covid-19 has struck once again and there will be no further opportunity of conducting the Melbourne Experience later in 2021. I am hopeful that our final Year 9 experience; that being the Grampians camp planned for Term 4, will not be affected. That being said, I would like to acknowledge everyone who has invested much time in preparation for the Melbourne Experience:

I must thank Mr Shane Hayes and Mr Sam Cue for the mountain of hours they devote to coordinating all of the bookings at the vast number of venues that we attend. Time spent on the phone working out nine individual Homeroom programs and the paperwork required for these bookings etc etc etc. Thank you Shane and Sam.

I need to also thank all of the Pastoral Care Teachers who equally devote many hours in preparing their class booklets and the boys. The boys faces told the truth of what they are feeling as they miss out on such a valuable experience. Thank You Glenda, John, Bridie, Pietro, Kristine, Liam, Louise, Michael and Rachel.

To Ange van Berkel, for producing the PAM notifications sent to parents, coordinating their responses and uploading the student information into our College mobile phones. Thank You Ange.

My thanks to Elizabeth Ryan, who along with Shane and Sam attended the Parent Information Night to start the 2021 ball rolling back in Term 2. Thank You Elizabeth.

To Rachel Ryan who coordinates the Myki cards and the coffee money for all of the staff who would have attended. This too is many hours of work. Thank You Rachel.

Further thanks to Glenn Fisher for preparing the College mobile phones for our usage, again many hours of preparation. Thank You Glenn.

To Ebony Corden for all that she has done in helping to complete the OH&S Risk Assessment. Thank you Ebony.

Daniel Sutton and the time he has spent in preparation for his special activity to be conducted at the Botanical Gardens. Thank You Daniel

To both Paul Tucker and Shannon Thompson for the time they have invested in preparing for the special Japanese experience. Thank You Paul and Shannon.

Finally, to all of you who have booked accommodation in Melbourne, organised families to assist, shown your commitment to undertaking such a huge venture I say THANK YOU on behalf of not only myself but also the boys. Without staff and parent assistance, we could never run this experience.

Stay safe and well.

Mr Michael Busscher

Director of Middle School