Middle School Report

March 18, 2022

by Mr Michael Busscher,  Director of the Middle School 

Between March 7 and March 11, we conducted our Year 9 Anglesea Camps with everything being completed in the single week for the first time. We were blessed with reasonable weather and perfect conditions for each of our activities. It was wonderful to be able to provide our Year 9 boys with the opportunity of once again go out for a camp following the last two years of lockdowns.

Each camp has started with a very clear journey in mind, of some challenge, as the boys made their initial entrance to the camp and life was to be changed from the normal day spent at school. This all forms a basis for our work undertaking “The Rite Journey Program.” The boys have developed stronger teamwork as they have, in many cases, needed to support each other as they undertook activities they found challenging and out of their comfort zone. Staff have been heavily involved in every activity and right beside the boys as we continue to establish stronger relationships and be part of your sons’ journey through the Middle School.

Each day a combination of  canoeing, hiking challenges, initiative activities, sleeping out in a tent and surfing have been the organised activities; but the incidental conversations between boys and staff are equally priceless. Understandably, everyone has had a favorite activity which appears to have been the surfing experience, and they have returned home considerably tired, yet all the better prepared for the next stages of our young men’s journey. I must thank the Middle School Team, the Anglesea Valley Lodge staff and most importantly the boys themselves who have behaved impeccably, following all instructions and giving nothing short of their best every day. We now look forward to our Melbourne Experience week and the Grampians Camp later in the year.