Middle School Report

May 27, 2022

Last week, saw the Year 9 Social a roaring success, with everyone enjoying themselves immensely. A number of our boys provided the following comments:

We recently participated in the Year 9 Social and it was a blast!!! We got to interact with the girls at Loreto as well as having fun with our mates at SPC. The dance lessons where challenging at first but with hard work it was a major success at the Social. The outfits at the social where amazing and so much effort went in to looking good for the Loreto girls on the night and the SPC boys were looking smart. We had an amazing DJ who played some awesome tunes throughout the night which was heaps of fun. A huge Thank you to all the teachers who put their effort and time into the Social as well to our amazing DJ and our dance instructor Eric.


The Social was a great night, good music, great dance instructor and the chants were unreal, great dancing by everyone as well.


On Thursday night, Year 9 students from Loreto and St Pat’s participated in the Year 9 Social. Over the past 4 weeks, they have been participating in dance lessons teaching them formal dances such as barn dancing or the Pride of Erin. Last night, they got to showcase all that they had learnt at the Social. This was partnered with Sam’s amazing DJ’ing to produce a great atmosphere for the students. There was lots of free style dancing, loud music and a very bright lights display. It was a great night in short.


The Year 9 Retreat was conducted this week. It was facilitated by RealTalk Ministries, with the theme of ‘Stronger’. The day encourages and challenges students to work on themselves and their relationships by making good, and at times, hard decisions. Stronger awakens the idea that men are shaped by the choices they make. Stronger is a step towards recognizing the key role relationships play in shaping boys into young men. By Tackling the big issues like respect in relationships, peer pressure, and bullying, in a way that encourages our boys to be men of character, whilst affirming the dignity of women. Like the muscles that give physical strength – character and success are propagated through good training and hard work. Stronger calls forth a higher standard for the men of tomorrow and thus we continue to meet the goal of educating our young boys and raising them to the status of Great Men.

Finally, please note the Mid-Year Examination Timetable which will be conducted in week Eight of this term. The Year 9 Examination period starts on Tuesday June 114 until Friday June 17. All Examinations are for 80 minutes.


This is the Middle School Mid-Year Examination Timetable:

Tuesday June 14 English (All Streams), Mathematics (All Streams)
Wednesday June 15 Humanities


Thursday June 16 Religious Education
Friday June 17 Electives



I suggest that the following Examination Study Habits be looked at home in preparation for the upcoming Year 9 Examinations. (As attached Roger)


As always, I hope that all of our boys achieve the success they are busily working towards throughout their first semester in the Middle School.

Michael Busscher

Director of Middle School