Middle School Report

June 23, 2022

by Mr Michael Busscher,  Director of the Middle School 

Last week saw all Year 9 students undertaking their Semester 1 Examinations and this week we have turned over to start Semester 2 in each of our elective classes. I know the boys and our staff are equally tired and very much looking forward to the Term 2 holiday which begins on Friday June 24 at 2.30pm. The second week back next term will see the entire Year 9 cohort move down to Melbourne for classes for the entire week. We are all looking forward to running this experience, which has had to be cancelled for the last two years. The Melbourne Experience is designed to promote important life skills, such as independence, initiative and responsibility, and provide a real world link to the Year 9 Curriculum.

The Melbourne Experience Objectives include:

·       Learn about different aspects of Melbourne

·       History, Culture, Arts, Sport, Design and Innovation

·       Learn how to use public transport

·       How to navigate around the Melbourne CBD

·       Develop teamwork and independence skills

·       Experience a range of activities across the CBD

·       Enhance the Humanities Investigation which is centered around Melbourne


Also, in Term 3 our boys will undertake the Ballarat Community Health led SSMART ASSK Program. The purpose of this experience is to reduce the risk of alcohol and other drug harm to young people and the broader community of Ballarat.


·       Increase knowledge of risk

·       Reduce risk of harm associated with partying



1.       To increase the knowledge of young people about:

a.       The risks of alcohol and other drugs in relation to binge drinking and unsafe partying

b.       The support and emergency services available in the community

c.        Basic first aid in a party situation

2.       To improve attitudes and behaviours of young people about adopting harm minimization strategies to keep them safe in party situations.

Also on this day, our boys will complete their Morrisby Testing. The Morrisby Testing Profile provides a detailed insight into abilities, personality, and preferences to help guide students to make the best possible subject decisions that will lead onto their future career aspirations. The Morrisby Profile builds on Morrisby Careers as it includes Aspirations, Aptitude and Personality Questionnaires. The Aptitudes in particular, bring an insight and objectivity to the decision-making process not available from questionnaires alone. Morrisby inspires the young person to take the best career journey for them. This data will help inform future subject choices as the Year 9 boys begin their transition into the Senior School. This transition process will begin in earnest next term as the subject selection process will be completed before the term is over.

So as you can see, we are going to be off to a very fast start next term and thus how important this term will be for everyone. I hope that the holidays are able to provide much of a both mental and physical break for all and that we can return ready for what lies ahead in Term 3.


Mr Michael Busscher

Director of Middle School