Middle School Report

May 5, 2020

I hope that everyone is now working positively with our online platform Microsoft Teams. The boys have been able to grasp this new way of learning and are engaging well with the teaching staff in the Middle School. Initial hiccups have been ironed out and everyone is making the most of this very different manner of Remote and Flexible Learning.

With this Term being delivered remotely, it is also timely to remind everyone that the NAPLAN testing has been cancelled for 2020. We have also made the decision not to run any Middle School End of Semester One Examinations; which will allow an extra week of classwork to be achieved remotely and remove that additional pressure of study in preparation for examinations. The documented school holidays will remain as they are published.

As mentioned in the previous Crest, the Year 9 Melbourne Experience, depending on when government restrictions are lifted, remains a possibility at the end of Term 3 albeit for the final three days in a modified program.  I really believe that all of our boys need to have something positive to look forward to, in a year where most things that they love have been cancelled. We will just have to wait and see with this one, as we are in the hands of government guidelines.

This week we have seen great initiatives such as the online versions of St Pats has Talent, the continuance of the Sports Challenge and The Looking out the Window Experience all of which have added some life to the Middle School.

Despite not being able to attend our Year 9 Community Service Program all boys have been asked to complete Community Service type tasks around the family home or become involved in some way within our community, whilst remaining within the government guidelines. The range of possibilities can be limited but some suggestions include cleaning the whole house, mowing lawns for essential service workers, doing shopping for elderly neighbours, making the family meal, doing the family washing or actively joining online groups like #thekindnesspandemic. Everyone is expected to help-out their family or our wider community in some thoughtful way throughout this time away from school.

Please take care

Mr Michael Busscher

Director of Middle School