Middle School report – April 17, 2015

April 17, 2015

A distinctive feature of Year 9 and indeed St Patrick’s College, is our emphasis on community and relationship building. Boys learn through relationships -“ building trust in the person. They learn the person not the subject. They will not learn from someone who they feel does not like them. As such, our understanding and commitment to the importance of school / community partnerships is paramount as we seek to provide our boys with the capacity and motivation to be:

-·- – – People with a faith base, with strong social competencies and resilience.

-·- – – Team players with appropriate negotiation, communication and co-operative – –

– – – – – – skills.

-·- – – Critical and Creative thinkers with ability to problem solve.

-·- – – Eager to learn and explore the world around them.-

As Year 9 staff continue to work with your sons, encouraging them to shift from a boy psychology to a man psychology, I encourage parents and other significant adults in the boy’s lives, to continue the conversation at home. Man psychology says that as individuals, we are responsible for our own choices and have the freedom to make these choices. This powerful privilege requires decisions to be based according to sound values. Responses and decision making should be based on a Proactive Behaviour rather than Reactive Behaviour. Proactive people use the margin of freedom to make choices that best apply their values. Their freedom to choose expands as they wisely use the space between stimulus and response. Reactive Behaviour allows outside influences (moods, feelings or circumstances) to control responses. Because they let their circumstances control them, they feel victimized. They tend to blame and accuse others when things go wrong.-

Continually modelling proactive behaviours will encourage the boy’s transition to becoming good men.

With this in mind, the next significant stage in our -‘Rite Journey Program’ is the Melbourne Experience.-

Melbourne Experience

Monday 15th June -“ Friday 19th June

Other dates relevant to Year 9 include:

Parent Teacher Interviews: Tuesday 21st April and Thursday 23rd April

Middle School Cross Country: 1.10pm Friday 24th April

Year 9 Retreats: – Thursday 30th April (9B 9I 9J 9G 9E)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Friday 1st May (9H 9F 9D 9A 0C)

Edmund Rice Day: Tuesday 5th May

Year 9 Naplan Testing: Tuesday 12th May -“ Thursday 14th May

Semester One Exams: June 9 /10/11