Middle School Report – August 13, 2015

August 12, 2015

Year 9 Social

Last Wednesday evening’s social with Year 9 students from St Patrick’s College and Loreto College, was the culmination of a number of after school dance practices. The boys were exceptionally fleet footed and proved themselves more than capable in all dance routines.- The attention to dress, hair (and makeup) by the girls, ensured a fabulous evening.- My thanks to all teachers who supervised after school dance practice and the social evening, as well as a special thank you to Brendon Gilbert for his organisation of the event.

A Middle School Focus

Middle School is a year with an emphasis on assisting the boys’ transition from boyhood to manhood.- With the boys on the cusp of manhood, they determinedly face many evolving awareness’s, often involving many physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual challenges. Whilst recognising the importance of academic growth throughout the year and providing a base from which to begin Senior School, I encourage parents, carers, boys and teachers to put into perspective the importance of assessments and formal reporting, against the backdrop of what we are striving to achieve in Year 9.

As important and valuable as formal testing and reporting is, it does not allow for the health of our boys, the quality of their educational experiences, nor friendships developed.- It does not include the beauty of their innocence or the strength of their resolve.- It measures neither their humour nor vulnerability; neither their wisdom nor growing moral compass; it measures everything, except that which makes much of schooling worthwhile.

Please celebrate with your son their academic achievements, and importantly, celebrate their determined steps into manhood.- – Many have worked very hard to do the best they can in the classroom and community.- Many small and significant steps have been realised.- An excellent essay written, speech presented, art piece created, musical note played, friendship made, and growing awareness- to social and moral issues confronting themselves and their world. These small and significant steps are not reported in a formal sense. Your sons have done a splendid job and need to be told so.- Be proud of them for what they have achieved, be proud of them for who they are, and please, love and encourage them to enjoy, grow and experience everything St Patrick’s and life has to offer.