Middle School Report – August 23, 2018

August 22, 2018

The Year 9 Retreat was conducted last week. It was facilitated by RealTalk Ministries, with the theme of -‘Stronger’. The day encourages and challenges students to work on themselves and their relationships by making good, and at times, hard decisions. Stronger awakens the idea that men are shaped by the choices they make. Stronger is a step towards recognizing the key role relationships play in shaping boys into young men. It tackles the big issues like respect in relationships, peer pressure, and bullying, in a way that encourages our boys to be men of character, whilst affirming the dignity of women. Like the muscles that give physical strength – character and success are propagated through good training and hard work. Stronger calls forth a higher standard for the men of tomorrow and thus we continue to meet the goal of educating our young boys and raising them to the status of Great Men.