Middle School Report – August 9, 2018

August 8, 2018

Our Social/Dance program concluded this week. Our Year 9 students have been enjoying the opportunity to participate in Ballroom Dancing Classes with the Year 9 students from Loreto College. Over 120 of our boys and 200 girls from Loreto took up this opportunity, which has proven once again how successful this activity continues to be. The Social has always been a fantastic night for both staff and students and everyone involved was very much looking forward to sharing in a great night of dancing. From all perspectives everyone had a great time and wished the night never ended. Thanks to all of the Year 9 Pastoral Care Teachers, Mr Harridge and Mr Hayes for their support of the program and supervision throughout the afternoon dancing lessons and on the night of the Social.

This week has also seen much preparation, on behalf of all boys, to complete all of the necessary tasks required to select their subjects for Year 10 in 2019. Much effort is provided to all boys to assist them in making considered choices, as they head on their pathway to entering the Senior School.

The Year 9 Retreat will be conducted over two days August 16 and August 17. Half of our Pastoral Care Groups will have their Retreat conducted on the Thursday and the other half of the Pastoral Care Groups will be conducted on the Friday. Pastoral Care Groups will be split in this fashion so that a better atmosphere and less crowding occurs in our Pavilion, thus allowing all boys to better take up their Retreat experience.