Middle School Report – July 14, 2016

July 13, 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all Middle School students and staff as we embark upon Term 3 for 2016. The term promises to be yet another one full of opportunities for our boys to continue their journey towards the Senior School in 2017. Whilst the weather has not started that positively, with snow falling this week in Ballarat, I have been pleased with the manner in which the boys have returned to school after their much deserved holiday break. I look forward to assisting them as they move into the second half of their Middle School Experience.

Melbourne Experience

The final week of Term Two witnessed another successful Melbourne Experience for our students. The boys were able to undertake several different experiences throughout the City of Melbourne and overall the behaviour of the boys was exemplary. With the exception of the final day, we were blessed with some lovely winter weather and I was especially pleased with the conduct of the boys on public transport throughout the week. A significant acknowledgement needs to go to all staff who participated in the week long experience, in particular the Pastoral Care tutors and the two Coordinators, Mrs Ashleigh Giampaolo and Mr Stuart Harridge. Their organisation of the week was exceptional.

Semester One Exams

Semester One exams have now been completed and the boys have received their results via their reports. I trust that the boys have been able to learn from this experience and that they take their refined examination skills into Semester Two and beyond.

2017 Subject Selection

The current Middle School students have received information this week in regards to subject selection for Year Ten in 2017. It is important that the students work with their teachers and of course their parents, in order to make the best choices in regards to the subjects offered at the College. The pathway theme of the Senior School allows the students to make choices based around subject strengths, interests and future career opportunities. Please encourage the boys to ask any questions they may have so that they have all of the relevant information at their disposal.

Dance lessons

This week the Middle School students who are participating in this years’ social with Loreto College begin their dance lessons. Dancing lessons will commence on the first Thursday of Term 3 and for the following 3 Thursdays with one lesson on the Monday of the week of the Social. At the conclusion of the dancing classes, the students are dismissed from the Pavilion and are required to make their own arrangements for transport home.- For the dancing classes the students must wear full school uniform. Dance lessons will begin at 4.00pm and finish at 5.00pm in the Pavilion. The Social will be held on Wednesday August 3rd from 7.30pm -“ 10.00pm in the Pavilion. I encourage all of our boys to take advantage of this opportunity to socialise with the girls from Loreto and for many, the chance to learn a new skill!

Kindest regards,

Ross Wise

Director of Middle School