Middle School Report – July 16, 2015

July 15, 2015

The beginning of Semester Two is an excellent time to remind and encourage the boys to either continue with or begin good study habits.- Included in this weeks Crest are some simple guidelines the boys can use to assist with their study.- Important skills the boys need to master include Time Management and Being Organised.- Encouragement from both home and school assisting the boys acquire these skills, will help as they transition from Middle School into Senior School.

Tips and ideas to help you with your study in Term 3

General Guidelines

  • The best time to review something is just after you finish studying it at school. This means you should be going over notes from class each night and highlighting important material.
  • Your best source of material is the notes you have taken in class -“ you need to get these organised and also use them to create summary notes of key ideas and major and minor points.
  • Your summary notes should be written on your A4 summary sheets, and then transferred to your study cards. These study cards should be read every night.
  • Remember, a small amount of study on a regular basis, is much better than trying to -‘cram’ at the end of the term.

Ideas For Revision

  • Highlighters are great for picking out key words, key ideas and important points. You should use a highlighter and actively read and identify key ideas and major and minor points. There is little point highlighting a whole paragraph -“ select the most important ideas. Think about colour coding as you go -“ green for key ideas, blue for interesting ideas, pink for concepts, yellow for minor points, orange for major points.

Study Cards

  • Information that sits in your folder or in your locker is no good to you. You need a set of study cards that you can take home with you or use on the bus, in a study period etc.
  • You can make these yourself or buy them from the newsagency or places like the Reject shop.
  • You can set your study cards out in a number of ways.
  • Concept cards -“ on one side of the card write the concept, on the other write dot points and examples

  • Glossary cards -“ write a glossary word on one side and on the other give the definition, and example if appropriate

    Ask For Help

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help -“ that’s what we are here for