Middle School Report – July 25, 2019

July 24, 2019

Welcome back to the Second Semester of Middle School. I would also like to welcome our two Japanese Exchange Students Rinto and Masataka who will be with us all of this term.

I would also like to report back from one of our Community Service partners, Pinarc disability support, who told me that a group of boys who had been with them all semester decided to also visit in the school holidays to continue their association with the Pinarc clients. What a truly wonderful experience everyone must have had.

This will be yet again another busy term for all of the boys as they begin their journey this week in preparation for their subject selections for Year 10 in 2020. Mr Stephen Hill and Mrs Julia Petrov have already conducted their 2020 Year 10 Student Information Session at which time their Senior School pathways were explained and the necessary subject selection process has now begin in earnest. A follow-up Parent Information Night has also been conducted by Mr Hill in the College Pavilion on Thursday July 25. Mr Anthony Meehan also conducted the Year 9 -Career Voyager- sessions at the end of last term with all boys in the Middle School to support their understanding/planning of their futures beyond St Patrick’s College and the subjects required to be studied, to help them achieve this. All of which helps to put the building blocks together to make successful subject choices moving into the Senior School.

This week has seen the entire Year 9 cohort move to down Melbourne for classes and all has been running very smoothly. The Melbourne Experience is designed to promote important life skills, such as independence, initiative and responsibility, and provide a real world link to the Year 9 Curriculum.

The Melbourne Experience Objectives include:

  • Learn about different aspects of Melbourne

  • History, Culture, Arts, Sport, Design and Innovation

  • Learn how to use public transport

  • How to navigate around the Melbourne CBD

  • Develop teamwork and independence skills

  • Experience a range of activities across the CBD

  • Enhance the Humanities Investigation which is centered around Melbourne

    So as you can see, we have been off to a very fast start this term!!


    Mr Michael Busscher

    Director of Middle School.