Middle School Report – July 30, 2015

July 29, 2015

Active Listening

Active, effective listening is a habit, as well as the foundation of effective communication.- The boys in Middle School are constantly reminded that listening involves patience, openness, and the desire to understand -“ highly developed qualities of manhood.- It’s so much easier to operate from a low emotional level and to give high-level advice.- As the boys progress through year 9 they have been asked to make decisions and be involved in activities which may challenge them.- Transitioning to manhood involves taking control of our lives.- Two ways to achieve this include we can make a promise, and keep it.- Or, we can set a goal, and work to achieve it.- As we make and keep commitments, even small commitments, we begin to establish an inner integrity that gives us the awareness of self-control and the courage and strength to accept more of the responsibility for our own lives.- By making and keeping promises to ourselves and others, little by little, out honour becomes greater than our moods.- As teachers and parents we have a responsibility to continually encourage our boys to make this change.

Self Esteem

How can you value yourself more positively?- Try to:

  • Recognise that -‘failure’ is success.Learning what doesn’t work is on the same path as learning what does work

  • Remain calm and relaxed during stressful situations

  • Don’t -‘mentally tune out’ and allow negative self-talk to take over when faced with something new and/or challenging

  • Set realistic goals

  • Plan your time and utilize your plan to become efficient and productive

  • Complete tasks on time and avoid feeling guilty and anxious about your efforts -“ Do your best

  • Remain optimistic -“ find the good in situations

  • Take responsibility for your own learning

  • Celebrate your achievement in meeting your goals