Middle School Report – June 11, 2015

June 10, 2015

With the end of term fast approaching, I congratulate all boys on the manner in which they have embraced the Year 9 Rite Journey Programme. As part of the transition from boyhood to manhood, I encourage the boys to take responsibility in regard to the following:

Holiday suggestions and ideas

-·ãAt the beginning of the holidays have your bag, books, new workbooks and school uniform prepared and ready for Term Three.

-·ãChoose a task, project or something you have always wanted to do, and enjoy working on that instead of watching TV, or just -‘hanging around’.

-·ãMake the decision to come back to school ready to begin an excellent term, relaxed and ready for another challenge.

Over the term break make the decision to become a person of focus and resilience. One way to do this is to concentrate on the Six C’s of Character: conscience, courage, consideration, compassion, confidence, and control.

1. Be a person of conscience. Listen to the inner voice that helps you know right from wrong and urges you to do what is good and noble.

2. Be courageous. Confront the challenges and choices of your life forthrightly. Make the tough decisions that need to be made and, above all, maintain your integrity by doing what you know to be right even when it costs more than you want to pay.

3. Be considerate. Be more deliberative, thoughtful, and attentive as to how your words and actions will affect others, and reflect on your character. Think ahead so you can avoid undesirable and undesired consequences.

4. Be compassionate. Demonstrate a genuine concern for the well-being of others. Be kinder and more charitable. Strive to understand more and judge less.

5. Be confident in your capacity to overcome whatever difficulties come your way with integrity and dignity. Don’t underestimate your resiliency. Resolve to persist until you prevail.

6. Be in control of your emotions, appetites, and urges that tempt you to compromise your principles or sacrifice long-term goals for short-term indulgences.