Middle School Report – November 9, 2017

November 8, 2017

This week, following our long weekend, we have headed out with all of the Year 9’s to complete our final camp Experience at The Grampians.

The Year 9 Examination period will commence on Monday December 4 and conclude on Thursday December 7. Thursday December 7 will be the final day in Year 9 for your son. This day will conclude with our Middle School Awards Ceremony starting at 2.10pm in the Pavilion. The 2017 Semester Two Examination Timetable can be viewed by clicking on this link

To continue my theme of final Examination preparation can I suggest the following:

Firstly, boys’, YOU must accept full responsibility for the preparation YOU must complete towards YOUR final Examinations. This preparation must begin in full earnest immediately. YOU must commit yourself to an increased level of effort and undivided dedication in every attempt to, not only improve upon YOUR Semester One results but also set a clear goal of achieving YOUR personal best. This can be achieved when you:

-¢Complete all set homework nightly.

-¢Synthesise class notes and complete any extension questions.

-¢Never waste time whilst in class or at home completing tasks.

-¢Keep up to date with all class work by setting completion deadlines for these activities.

-¢Follow your teacher’s directions explicitly and personally see your teachers for extra assistance regularly.


KNOWLEDGE is POWER and therefore Middle School SUCCESS is very POWERFUL!

As always I hope that all of our boys achieve the success they are busily working towards throughout this last term in the Middle School.

Michael Busscher

Director of Middle School