Middle School Report

October 31, 2019

By Acting Director of the Middle School, Mr Matt Taylor

Just a reminder to all Year 9 families that this term will be a very busy one, as the boys continue their journey towards completing the Middle School.

During Week 5 of Term 4 (6/11 – 8/11) the Year 9 students will attend their final expedition as part of the Year 9 Experiential Program. Your son will be based at the Norval Camp facility in Halls Gap where he will participate in several challenging experiences including hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, MTB riding and team building. These experiences will encourage all of our boys to develop an appreciation and respect for the natural environment, promote team work and resilience and continue to develop their leadership skills.

All boys have been selected into a specific group according to their level of ability. The 14 different choices have been made available, and in some cases this will include the opportunity of camping out in a tent for a night.

All students will be required to complete a hike whilst in the Grampians whether that is the Boronia Peak lookout or the more challenging Pinnacle lookout. Can I ask all parents to please check with their son which activity group he has in fact been selected into and affirm this opportunity with him, prior to our departure? Please make sure all of the correct equipment is packed. The Middle School Team will also be double checking the boys’ choices and their equipment, as a way of circumventing any possible problems developing mid-way through the experience. I am positive that this last expedition will be the true test of how well our boys have embraced their Middle School journey and are now fully prepared to begin their Senior School experience.

Please note that students will be transported to and from the camp by bus. Buses will leave the College at 9:30am, Wednesday, November 6 and return to Ballarat by 3:15pm on Friday, November 8.

If you have any final questions or concerns regarding this final expedition please contact our Year 9 Coordinators, Mr Shane Hayes or Mr Sam Cue.

Some other major dates of note for the Middle School students include: The Year 9 Examination period starting Monday December 2 until Friday December 6 which will be the final day in Year 9 for your son. This day will conclude with our Middle School Awards Ceremony starting at 2.10pm in the Pavilion. The 2019 Semester 2 Examination Timetable will be developed in time for the next Crest.

As the End of Year is almost upon us, I would like to remind students that our Community Service Program is coming to an end. I would like to thank parents for the support of your son in participating in this program and growth development in real-world skills that will help them succeed as they progress through the College and beyond. Could students please ensure they are completing your Community Service Reflection Journal, and this is returned to your supervising teacher.

I hope that all of our boys achieve the success they are busily working towards throughout this last term in the Middle School.

Mr Matthew Taylor

Acting Director of Middle School