Mission Report

March 31, 2022

This week our Faith in Action Domain Leader, Mr Michael Weadon, shares a few thoughts about the opportunities open to our students.

Thank you to our dedicated band of good young men who have volunteered to assist the community in several ways through our two Faith in Action groups.  These are known as Faith in Action and the SAGERS

SAGERS is an acronym for Student Action Group Environmentally Resource Smart.  This band of committed young men are passionate about preserving and even improving our common home.  They recognise that the cry of the earth is the cry of the poor. 

At this stage of the year these young men have been running a paper recycling program and are preparing to build some compost bays so food waste and garden waste can be turned into fertile soil rather than toxic methane gas.  In addition, they are negotiating with the College leadership to advocate for climate action in our society.  They are indeed following the actions of Jesus by standing up and advocating for what is right.

The Faith in Action group has also been active.  Several of our students have already helped to tutor younger children in Tarneit and Melton South.  These programs run on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon.  Our boys volunteer on a week-by-week basis to be driven to the venues and help tutor children who often come from educationally impoverished backgrounds.  The students enjoy the experience, and the children value their presence and guidance.

In this time of Lent our Faith in Action members are also on a drive to collect donations for Caritas (Catholic aid agency) Project Compassion campaign.  They visit classes each week offering the everyone a chance to donate.  In Lent we particularly encourage our students to give up something (to fast) and the money saved may be donated to this campaign. 

They are also running an Easter egg donation drive.  Students and staff are encouraged to donate eggs.  At Easter time the social justice group members visit the hospitals and some other venues where the eggs are offered to those that need some more cheer in their lives.  In recent years this activity has been very popular with recipients and a positive experience for our students.  Please encourage your son to donate either eggs to this drive or money to project compassion. 

These two groups are open to all students and staff.  If your son is considering joining, then please encourage him to contact one of the staff members involved (listed below) or attend one of the regular meetings.

Contact staff:  Mr Michael Weadon, Mr Rorey O’Kelly