Mission Report

July 29, 2022

by Assistant Principal  – Mission and Identity, Mr Geoff Brodie

Our Catholic faith is trust in a “who”, not a “what.” Our faith is not in a philosophical system or ethical framework that guides us like an impersonal road map.

Our faith is in a person, Jesus.

Our trust in and friendship with Jesus is the source of eternal life.

Our faith is the invitation into a personal and loving relationship with God and our neighbour.

The very person we are is created by our relationships. This is why we feel such sorrow when those we know and love die. It is at such times we turn to our faith, and trust in Jesus’ resurrection to know that death is not the end.   Death is still a mystery for us. It has been ever present since living creatures have been on earth. But it is still shrouded in doubt.

This week, we experienced the death of two people dear to us. Michael Brady, as Mr O’Connor writes in the Crest, was a person with a unique history with the College. Next Thursday we will celebrate Michael at his funeral to be held at the College.

This week, we also mourn the sudden loss of a current student, Rohan Cosgriff. For his friends and the wider student body, they are experiencing the loss of someone who shared their common experiences – and this death strikes us all as something that ought not to be. During the week, staff and students gathered in the Chapel to pray for Rohan. At this time, we feel many things and we feel them deeply. Our feelings do not seem to make sense. This death does not seem fair. To unite the whole community in prayer for Rohan, his family, and his friends, please find below the Intercessions offered at our gathering, which was beautifully led by Fr Jorge De Chavez.

Fr Jorge: God, the Father almighty, raised Jesus from the dead and he will give life to our own mortal bodies. We pray to him in faith, hope and love today.

R: Loving God, we pray for Rohan. May God receive him kindly into eternal life. Lord hear us

 All:  Lord, hear our prayer.

R: Loving God, when your Son suffered in the Garden you sent an angel to console him – in this hour send your healing love to Rebecca, Anthony, Grace, Darcy and Freya. Lord hear us

 All:  Lord, hear our prayer.

R: Loving God, you wipe away all tears when we open our hearts to you – comfort all those who mourn for Rohan.

 All:  Lord, hear our prayer.

R: Loving God, We pray for our family and friends who have died and all who have fallen asleep in the hope of rising again, that they may see God’s face. Lord hear us

  All:  Lord, hear our prayer.

R: Loving God, we thank you for the gift of community. We are blessed to have caring and nurturing outlets – school, work, social groups and support groups that foster love, collegiality, friendship, support and care. Your love guides every moment of our lives. Lord hear us

 All:  Lord, hear our prayer.

R: Loving God, we pray for those who are challenged in this life. Help them to remain brave, give them strength, comfort them and may God guide us to help them and pray for them in their time of need. Lord hear us

 All:  Lord, hear our prayer.

R: Loving God, watch over us all in a time of need and help us find comfort in this sad time. Lord hear us

All:  Lord, hear our prayer.

Fr Jorge: God, the Father almighty, we bring our burdens to you for you are gentle and humble of heart. Grant us the grace to imitate your way of love. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

May the souls of Michael and Rohan, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.