Mission Report – June 20, 2019

June 19, 2019

-‘Christ Within Us’ Staff Formation Day- July 15

Next term our staff will start looking at who we are, how we live as a faith community, and how we communicate this in our teaching and relationships with the boys.

Some of our goals are:

  • How do we identify our own image of God and how do we describe how this has been shaped throughout our lives so far?

  • Identify Jesus as servant leader and apply this to our own role at St Patrick’s College.
  • Recognise how our work at St Patrick’s College contributes to God’s Mission in this world.

We have organised two facilitators from Catholic Mission in Sydney. Their current roles are to engage staff in secondary schools in staff formation. We begin this journey with where staff are at and how they might align their vocation within scripture and other input from the facilitators.

A real focus of the day will be upon the richness all staff bring to their work with the boys. This may be very direct in Religious classes and liturgies. However, what we really want to do is to reveal how we talk about faith, Jesus Christ and what our tradition of Christianity is really like for staff spending each day with the boys in class and more informally.

To take this path we look to each other, share what works and comment upon when and how we are guided by Jesus Christ as a guiding light to work through celebrations, problems and challenges. We aim to reflect upon and enliven our Christian landscape, informed and led through scripture and reflection.

We hope this day brings to the forefront the importance of the -‘big’ story of Christianity, one of the greatest stories of all time, that can support, and guide support the boys through their time at St Patricks and many years beyond into their adult lives.

Mr Gerard Sullivan

Domain Leader Staff Formation