Mission Report – May 1, 2015

April 29, 2015


One definition of transformation is -‘a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance’. Let us take the time to go over this statement carefully. This change is firstly thorough -“ it involves the whole thing under transformation. Secondly, it is a change in form -“ this is a term that refers to the way that the individual parts come together to form the whole. Thirdly, it alters the way the thing appears to the world around it. Finally, it is dramatic -“ it changes the way the object encounters the world.

Education is often referred to as a process of transformation. If we are to use the above definition then there is certainly a lot that is meant to be -‘going on’ at our College and -‘to’ our young men. As a quick test, let us see if a snapshot of the current events can match the lofty ambitions of transforming our young men.

Next Tuesday is Edmund Rice Day. We will commence the day with Mass led by Fr Justin Driscoll in the O’Malley Gym. This will be followed by the Walkathon and the adventures of St Pat’s Has Talent. Next Friday is our annual Mothers’ Day Mass and Breakfast. The attendance at this Mass grows every year. Our Boarding community will also celebrate a Mothers’ Day Mass the following Sunday. Year 11 Students are attending their Justice Experiences in Melbourne and Ballarat, Year 9 students are on retreat, and the whole world of extra-curricular activities has its usual irresistible momentum. This is all too much to consider in one attempt, so let us focus on the Walkathon.

Over recent weeks our students have been asked to give up their own time to collect money for our recognised recipients (more on these valuable organisations in weeks to come). They have been invited to transform several hours of their time into money that can be donated -“ money that will immediately and significantly transform the lives of people in Ballarat, in Victoria and in Africa. In this, students have themselves been transformed into young men who freely and willingly give of themselves to assist in creating a better life for others. Our hope is that they have been transformed to have the heart of Christ, who came to serve all people.

To open our hearts to Christ and act in love towards our neighbour is thorough as it leaves nothing the same. It changes the way our hearts, heads and hands combine to re-form the world in God’s loving image. It means we appear to the stranger and marginalised with a smile and an offer of assistance. Our life is shaped by the drama of striving to be the person Gods’ love knows us to be. In all this we achieve the freedom to become who we are called by Christ to be. However, transformation does not happen -‘to’ us -“ we must courageously invite it into our lives. Stepping onto our College grounds should never be done lightly, if the chance of this transformation lies at the heart of all we do! May God bless us as we continue in this Easter Season.