Mission Report – May 12, 2016

May 11, 2016

It has been a rich liturgical time at St Patrick’s College. Just as the seasons regulate many of our habits and choices so too the liturgical rhythms of our Catholic faith lead us gently through the many dimensions of a flourishing human community.

On May 5th we celebrated Edmund Rice Day with a whole College Mass in the O’Malley Gym. Joyfully led by our College Chaplain and old boy, Fr James Kerr, we gave thanks for the many gifts we have received. Students from our Faith in Action Domain led us in the readings and Student Leaders united our hopes and aspirations in the Offertory Procession. Together and united in Jesus Christ, we celebrated the heritage of Blessed Edmund Rice and the first Christian Brothers, expressed today in the Touchstones:

  • A community that finds our motivation in our faith in Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life

  • A community that is open and inclusive to all who wish to -‘try on’ Christ and share our values

  • A community that believes an education that seeks what is truly worthwhile can free us from fear and prejudice

  • A community that seeks to ensure no-one is excluded from all the benefits of a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, and that the human dignity of every person is justly recognised.

At 7am on the following day over five hundred mothers and sons united with Fr James in our College Chapel to celebrate the gift of motherhood, followed by breakfast, fun and conversation. This is surely one of the most joyful gatherings of our year. The musicianship of student Ignatius Holland during the Offertory Procession was a moment of prayer for many. Congratulations to our Catering staff and Foundation Office for their outstanding preparation of the breakfast.

Then on Sunday evening old boy and recently ordained Fr Francis Denton kindly returned to lead our Boarding Community in Mass. Visitors to our Chapel will notice the artwork that adorns the side altars. This is in fact the work of Fr. Francis who was commissioned, not long after he left the College as a student, to replace the fading and peeling images that had been there previously. The liturgical life of the Boarding community is something that has flourished under the leadership of Director of Boarding, Mr Michael Silcock.

Our prayers to start the day, start classes and meetings still continue as part of our normal weekly routines.

Our Liturgy Team continues to express and communicate our Catholic identity in rich and beautiful ways. Many thanks to Ms Anne-Marie Driscoll, Mrs Helen Lee and Mr Mitch Leviston for their generosity, leadership and expertise. As always they are assisted by the AV Team and the Maintenance Team who do some much with great patience to allow our celebrations to occur. Whilst we continue to praise God for all his gifts our Catholic identity will be a living reality that shines the light of Christ in our world.