Mission Report – October 6, 2016

October 5, 2016

Welcome to Term Four.

We could be forgiven for spending much time reading the Book of Genesis over the last weeks. In particular, I am referring to those instructions given to Noah on how to build an ark to ride out a great flood.- Even as I write Wangaratta in the north-east of the State has faced a night of rising water levels and bursting banks. We keep in our prayers all those people who have been affected by the floods and also pray in thanks for the many volunteers who selflessly come to the aid of others.

One the lasting images of the great flood myth (Genesis 6-9) is Noah marching all the animals, two by two, onto the ark to rebuild the earth after the destruction of the flood. We are called to reflect on God’s truth that even after the great tragedy a new start can be made from the smallest beginnings. Even if our friendships have suffered from a flood of jealousy, mistrust and conflict, we believe that the smallest act of kindness and forgiveness can be the olive branch that brings a renewed and deeper friendship.

As we approach the end of another busy year we should never lose sight that we are constantly invited into repentance for our mistakes and the courage to make a new beginning. If we were to pray the words of the Our Father every day this great invitation would enter into the drama and reality of our everyday life. These words, like the animals coming off the ark, two by two, would populate our thoughts and desires, and so change our hearts, so that the world we create takes its place within the great act of Creation by our loving and most forgiving God.-