Noel Morganti (SPC 1950-55)

February 16, 2021

We were notified only recently that Noel Morganti (SPC 1950-55) died on October 17, 2017, aged 80 years in the UK.

Noel was the devoted father of Anthony, Richard and Lizette and was a retired dentist. Noel was a boarder from North Fitzroy. He was named an assisting prefect and was an Executive of the Holy Name Society and a member of the St Vincent de Paul Society. He made the matriculation prize list in 1955.

Noel was also a member of the First XVIII and played on the half back line. They were named the Public Schools Champions in 1955, and he was also a member of the Second XI Cricket runner-up team in 1955. He also had success in the Hill Cricket as a member of the Galvin House premiership team.

Noel Morganti, pictured in his matriculation class, in 1955.