Nude Food Day – August 28

August 9, 2018

Student Action Group Environmentally Responsible SAGERS:- Nude food day

Our supermarkets are turning away from single use plastic bags.- Coffee drinkers are carrying keep cups, students are reusing plastic bags and plastic drink bottles. What is going on?

Every year the average Australian family produces enough rubbish to fill a three-bedroom house, producing about 2.25 kg of waste each per day.

Those of you who have been watching the ABC series War on waste Tuesday evenings will be very aware of facts such as this and that we send more and more rubbish -‘away’ to- landfill every year. However, there is no -‘away’, everything ends up somewhere and we are all responsible.

Throwing stuff away is not just a case of -‘out of sight, out of mind’.- That stuff had to be made, transported and taken away and put somewhere.- All these processes use finite resources and generate pollution.-

On August 28 the SAGERS group will be holding a –Nude food day-.- On this day, the canteen will be closed and members of our community are asked to make an effort to reduce the amount of waste they generate.

What you can you do?

It is quite simple really and makes a big difference:- Pack your lunch, snack and drinks in reusable containers (like a lunchbox) or reusable wrappings.- More information can be found below.

Please make an effort to reduce your waste.