OCA Pastoral Care Program lifts spirits of our Old Boys

August 12, 2020

The OCA Pastoral Care Program is continuing to lift the spirits of our Old Boys, particularly during the recent coronavirus pandemic.

A grocery giftcard was sent to an Old Boy recently after his concerned classmates brought the man’s personal struggles to the attention of the OCA Pastoral Care Program.

The Old Boy was surprised but also quietly thankful for the unexpected gift.

He told his class cohort that the support had been “well-timed”, and that life had been “especially hard” for himself and his family during the most recent lockdown.

Delicious home-cooked meals and care packs, which have been delivered to our Old Boys during tough times.

The pastoral care program continues to help other Old Boys in a myriad of ways, including the delivery of home-cooked meals, grocery giftcards, mowing lawns, access to a free DVD library and home visits (prior to the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions).

Set up by SPC’s Old Collegians Association, the OCA Pastoral Care Program aims to help Old Boys and their families during tough times.

Old Collegians, current parents and students volunteer their time and talents to help in many and varied practical ways, including the cooking of delicious, home-cooked meals, mowing lawns. providing transport and offering professional advice across various fields.

Grocery giftcards are now also on hand for Old Boys who may appreciate some financial assistance.

The pastoral care program aims to provide assistance, depending on the Old Boy’s individual needs. In recent times, the program purchased specialised office equipment to allow an Old Boy to work from home after suffering a stroke.

Any information about an Old Boy’s situation is kept in strictest confidence.

If you or a fellow Old Boy you know is doing it tough and may appreciate a helping hand via the OCA Pastoral Care Program, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact the College’s Alumni and Foundation Officer Lorrie Liston on (03) 5322 4442 or via email at lliston@stpats.vic.edu.au