Old Boy gatherings in Melbourne

May 9, 2017

All Old Collegians are invited to join us for lunch on Friday, June 2 at the Emerald Hotel in Clarendon St, South Melbourne.- Over the past few years it has become tradition for a group of Old Collegians to gather on the first Friday of each new season for an afternoon of reminiscing and reacquainting. At times numbers have swelled to more than 50 in attendance.

The Emerald Hotel has become something of a Melbourne for the Old Collegians Association and we are hopeful of further growing these luncheons to bring together Old Boys from various decades.

It is a fantastic way to broaden your network, relive some great tales (tall and true) and meet some new people with similar interests and backgrounds

Old Collegians will start gathering in the enclosed beer garden at the rear of the Emerald Hotel from around noon, ready to be seated for lunch at 1pm.-

There is no entry fee -“ simply pay for your meals and your drinks on the day in a very friendly, relaxed and informal setting.

Stay for an hour or stay for the whole afternoon. One word of warning though – occasionally these gatherings have also been known to spill over well into the night.

Meanwhile, we also draw attention to a separate gathering for the Class of 1985 which will be held at Bells Hotel at 157 Moray St in South Melbourne next week.

Members of that year group are urged to attend from 3pm on Saturday, May 27 for what is fast becoming a popular annual catch up for this group.- It’s great to see so many Old Collegians organising their own informal get togethers.

If you know of any others and want us to help spread the word simply email our Alumni and Foundation Officer Lorrie Liston at lliston@stpats.vic.edu.au