Old Boys attend Gleeson clan gathering in Ireland

September 13, 2016

The Gleeson clan converged in Ireland recently, adding a touch of St Patrick’s College to the global gathering.

Five of the men who attended the Gleeson Clan Gathering (of Kilkenny heritage), at Nenagh, Tipperary in Ireland, also have connections with SPC.

The Old Collegians include, as pictured: back row, from left; Michael T Gleeson (SPC 1982-83), Jock Lardner (SPC 1955-59), Brian Cronin – father of Patrick Cronin (SPC 1978-81), Michael (SPC 1983-86), Daniel (SPC 1986-90) and Gerard (SPC 1987-92), and front row; Leon Gleeson (SPC 1950-55) and Brian Gleeson (SPC 1947-52).

Brian Gleeson was one of the guest speakers and spoke on the -Gleesons from Gowran, Kilkenny and the Eureka Stockade-, explaining his family’s heritage in Gowran, the migration of his great-great grandparents and seven adult sons to Australia between 1848 and 1853, and discussed their lives in the early colony of Victoria. He also mentioned some of their standout descendants, including Dr Hugh Devine (SPC 1893-94), who was in St Patrick’s College’s first roll call.