Old Boys enjoy recent Autumn Emerald Lunch

March 18, 2020

Around 45 Old Boys enjoyed the opportunity to catch up at “The Four Seasons Paddy’s Lunch” at The Emerald Hotel in South Melbourne at the start of March.

The seasonal lunches are open to all Old Boys of the College and has grown steadily in popularity over the past nine years. The lunches are held on the first Friday of each season and are always a very relaxed, agenda-free and convivial occasion.

It is a great opportunity to catch up with old school mates, and meet other Old Boys in an atmosphere of good humoured camaraderie.

Old Collegians Noel Sheehan (SPC 1964-70) and Michael Dowd (SPC 1964-69) started the lunches nine years ago and are keen to hear from any SPC Old Boys who would like to attend the lunches.

For more information, contact Noel on 0418 509 809 or email noel@stafforgserv.com.au or contact Michael on 0407 680 682 or email mjdowd@hotmail.com


Michael Dowd and Tim Sheridan.

Alan Swindon, Brian ‘Doc’ Doherty, Kerry Watson, David Parer and Bob Dixon.

Alan Swindon, Brian ‘Doc’ Doherty, Kerry Watson, Bob Dixon, Peter Casey, John McArthur, Kieran Liston and Bob Moloney.

John Anderson, Graeme Vear, John Coffey, Tim Sheridan and Noel Forster.

Kevin O’Sullivan, Shane McKinley, Jim Derum, John McLoughlin, Brian Mulcahy and Mark Buckley.