Old Collegian Michael Meere (SPC 1960-63,PY 1965)

September 17, 2017

The College reconnected recently with Michael Meere (SPC 1960-63,PY 1965). Michael is now the director and lecturer at the College for Adult Learning in Melbourne. One job is obviously not enough, though because Michael is also the director of Villa Maria Catholic Homes. We would like to thank Michael for sharing some of his memories from his childhood days.


Michael Meere.


“I left St Patrick’s at the end of 1963 having completed fourth form. My peer year (Form 6) would have been 1965.- I was a full-time boarder during those four years.


I left St Patrick’s to become a boarder at St Bede’s Mentone where I matriculated in 1965.


My mother, Sr Mary Phyllis Meere, was the school nurse during 1962-63.


In 1965 she married Bernard Cummins. Bernard was a Christian Brother (Brother Leander) at St Patrick’s College during 1961-1963, teaching Maths and Sciences. Bernard left the Brothers in early 1964. They remained happily married for 25 years until my mother’s death. Bernard died in 1992. It was a great privilege to be his step son. Bernard had been Headmaster at St Kevin’s College immediately before he went to St Patrick’s.


There was considerable acrimony towards them from both the St Patrick’s and St Kevin communities for some time as their marriage- was not the ‘done thing’ at the time.”