Outstanding academic results from Class of 2018

December 13, 2018

St Patrick’s College is excited to announce that 2018 College Captain has achieved a rare double honour in being named College Dux for 2018.

With an ATAR score of 99.05 Sam became the first College Captain to also been crowned Dux since David Range in 2007.

Sam’s amazing effort capped off a fantastic performance by our Class of 2018 with 14 students achieving ATAR scores above 90 and many, many more achieving outstanding results which will now help set up their future careers.

The fine young men who joined Sam in scoring above 90 were: Declan Gannon (98.35), Ryan Mulheron (95.7), Nathan Suttie (95.45), William Ripley (95), Mitchell Findlay (94.95), Casey Haseloff (93.55), Jesse Jury (93), Lachlan Owens (92.8), Conlon Love (92.7), Mitchell Furlong (92.5), Xavier O’Shea (92.2), Quentin Henderson (91.4) and Jacob Nolan (unavailable for photo).

We congratulate all these boys on amazing results along with the rest of the Class of 2018! #eckadora