Main Oval upgrade underway – Your chance to own your own piece of the Oval!

October 15, 2021

If you have driven down Eyre Street of late you could be forgiven for mistaking the surface of our Main Oval for resembling that of a local quarry.

Fear not. Work is now well underway on the planned reconfiguration, reorientation and resurfacing of the Main Oval. In past weeks, thousands of cubic metres of soil have been transported by dozens of trucks that will see the 171 x 146 metres full size oval retained with dimensions similar to that of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

New advancements in turf and drainage technology will ensure an unparalleled playing surface for future generations of talented footballers, cricketers, athletes and physical education students.

One of the wonderful features of the project will be a beautiful white picket fence that will adorn the circumference of the Oval with each picket personally engraved.

For a price of just $200, you can buy your own engraved picket, create a treasured family memento and help bring the whole project to life by contributing to the cost of this major oval makeover.

Your contribution will ensure your name, or perhaps that of a valued family member or friend, encircles the Main Oval for decades to come. With Christmas not far away, you may wish to purchase a picket as a unique gift for someone who you know holds St Patrick’s College close to their heart. Perhaps a graduation gift for a student in the class of 2021?


And, of course, there is no limit on the number of pickets you can buy! To become involved simply visit and purchase online.

For further information please call the College’s Director of Community Development Mr Roger Le Grand on 5322 4450 or the College Development Office on 5322 4442.

This is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to have your own special piece of St Patrick’s College history. Don’t miss it!

In other developments the detailed planning continues for the construction of the proposed Multi Purpose Centre in 2022 with an expression of interest process underway with builders and planning approval expected to be received in late October. We look forward to providing further updates very soon in this exciting and generational project.