Pastoral Care Report – May 10, 2018

May 9, 2018

Year 7 Mother Son Evening

This term, the Year 7 Mother Son evening will take place on 22nd May, in the gym.- A digital letter has been sent to all Year 7 parents, and earlier in the week, all Year 7 students who were present at school on Tuesday, wrote a letter to their mother or significant female mentor, personally inviting them to attend, which will be arriving in the post in the coming days.- As of today, we have over 60 pairs (of mothers and sons) registered, so please ensure you register to ensure you secure a place. Should you have any concerns with the registration process, please contact me at:

Keeping Safe: Information for- Parents

As part of St Patrick’s College mission to create a safe and secure learning environment for our students, it is crucial that our broader community of parents are well-informed with the latest information and research available, so we can work as partners to keep our students safe.- This week’s focus is to define -‘abuse’.-

Abuse can occur in a range of situations, including neglect, or physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.- – Physical abuse– is a non-accidental injury or pattern of injuries to a child caused by another person.- – Sexual abuse– occurs when someone in a position of power to the young person uses their power to involve the young person in sexual activity, which can include the sharing of information over the internet, such as pornographic images or obscene text messages or emails.- – Emotional abuse– can occur when a young person’s self-esteem or social competence is undermined or eroded, usually over a longer period of time.- This can include isolation, ignoring or intimidation.- – Neglect– is characterised by a failure to provide a young person with basic needs, which can include inadequate supervision for long periods of time and disregarding potential hazards.- –

A young person may experience abuse-related trauma as a result of abuse, and can become disconnected from their feelings.

As part of our duty of care as educators at St Patrick’s College, we are required- by law- to report any suspected abuse for a student under our care.- – – The College has adopted the PROTECT resources as its framework for carrying out this obligation. – A PROTECT factsheet -Protecting Children from Abuse: For Parents and Carers- can be found at:

For more information on our child protection policies, please visit:

There are a number of whole-year-level wellbeing programs happening this year. Please take note of the following dates:

Key event dates for 2018 wellbeing calendar:

Year 7:

Brainstorm Productions

Student Workshop (During the day) – July 30


Mother / Son Night

Evening event -“ registration required -“ May 22


Year 8:

Brainstorm Productions

Student Workshop (During the day) – July 30


Year 10:

The Resilience Project

Student workshop #3 (during the day) -“ November 26

Parent information evening -“ registration required -“ November 26


Year 11:

Carmen Road Safety

Student workshop (during the day) -“ August 6


For more information on our Pastoral Care program, please visit:

I would encourage all students and parents to fully engage and participate in all of our wellbeing programs on offer, as they are an integral element of our broader mission to educate the whole person.

Kind regards,

Bradley Murray

Pastoral Care Coordinator