Performing Arts Report

August 19, 2021

by Ms Monique Allen, Head of Co-Curricular Performance

The 80th Annual Purton Oratory Competition

Next Thursday, August 26 the annual Purton Oratory Competition will take place in the KRC. Although normally held in the Spring Boardroom this year the wonderful team in the KRC have agreed to host the event which will place us right in the centre of the school, with the opportunity for staff and students to sit in and watch some of the events. How exciting!

We wish all boys involved the best of luck in their preparations for the day, the events are as follows:

  • Mary Purcell Debate (years 7-9)

Topic – That we should ban all examinations in schools

Affirmative Negative
Jonathon Stephens, Kristopher Stephens, Nicholas Willis Pitt Thisen Jayasooria, Gabriel Galias, Eric Yang


  • Br H. T Breach Oratory: Jonathon Stephens, Nicholas Willis Pitt, Eric Yang, Thisen Jayasooriya, Kristopher Stephens
  • Major Brian Broadribb Impromptu Speaking: Jonathon Stephens, Nicholas Willis Pitt, Eric Yang, Thisen Jayasooriya, Kristopher Stephens, Archer Mohr, Noah Eales.
  • T. Doyle Debate (years 10-12)

Topic – That Australia should end its alliance with the US.

Affirmative Negative
Patrick Porter, Duncan Brodie, Xavier Orriss, Jeremy Spedding. Sam Tilley, Darcy Williams, Patrick Clarke-Thomas.


  • D. G Purton Oratory: Darcy Williams, Patrick Clarke-Thomas, Sam Tilley, Patrick Porter, Xavier Orriss, Jeremy Spedding, Joel Ballesty.
  • Sir Hugh Devine Impromptu Speaking: Darcy Williams, Patrick Clarke-Thomas, Patrick Porter, Jeremy Spedding



Students in years 7-10 are currently rehearsing a series of skits, the collective name of which is ‘Skittles’! Considering the current restrictions around gatherings it has been decided that this performance will be recorded and edited together for your viewing. Keep an eye out for details on how to watch this engaging and hilarious performance towards the end of term.

Cast & Crew: James Halsall, Ted Turnbull-Gent, Luke Missen, Harry Donovan-Clancy, Josh Retallick, Xavier Bennett, Gabe Bristow, Harrison Grant, Ashton Van Raaphorst, Owen Steiner, Benny Eckel, Josh Hayes, George Grigg, Michael Ali, Ashton Healy, Callum Ballesty, Logan Gardiner.



Unfortunately, there have been a few events that were due to take place that have been cancelled, I would like to really thank the students who spent time and energy preparing for these programs that did not eventuate.

The ACU Debating South Street Cup – Well done to our teams from years 7-12 who were due to compete at this event this week (week 6).

The Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award – Special mention to the following four boys who prepared speeches for this competition that was due to take place next Wednesday, August 25 but was cancelled: Jonathon Stephens, Nicholas Willis Pitt, Archer Mohr & Noah Eales. We look forward to seeing your public speaking skills in action at the Purton Oratory Competition instead.

South Street Speech and Drama – We are still waiting to hear back from organisers regarding the speech and drama sections at South Street and whether they are being postponed or cancelled.