Performing Arts Report

March 19, 2020

by Monique Allen, Head of Co-Curricular Performance

Performing Arts – The House Theatre Sports Competition 2020 Champions: Keniry

This year the first ever House Theatre Sports Competition was hugely successful due to the enthusiastic participation of students from across the whole school. We had four rounds of tight competition and they soon became the highlight of our week! Students from all year levels competed in their house teams in a range of improvisation exercises that tested their quick thinking, creativity, wit and characterisation. In the end, Keniry walked away as our 2020 champions edging out Galvin by half a point. Congratulations to all competitors but especially the Keniry boys.

A reminder that Drama Club continues Monday lunchtimes in PUR006 for any interested students.

A: Keniry House Competitors with their trophy:

B: Prizes

C: Round 4 Competitors from all houses