Performing Arts Report

July 14, 2022

by Ms Monique Allen, Head of Co-Curricular Performance

DAV Schools Competition

Term 3 is off to a busy start with the final round of the DAV Schools Competition taking place at Ballarat Grammar next Wednesday evening. We wish our teams all the best as they finish off the season and thank our two coaches, Ms Ingrid Perkins and Mr Nathaniel Winfield for their hard work supporting the students.

ACU Debating Cup – South Street

The Year 7 & 8 debating squad is busy preparing for their first competitive debate as part of the ACU Debating Cup. This will take place on Wednesday, 27 July and we wish our new debaters all the best!

The Year 9 and 10 teams are also competing at South Street on Thursday, 29 July.

See topics below!

Wednesday, 27 July:



Debate No


Starting Time


821 1 St Patrick’s College Year 7

Loreto College Team D

9:30 am That we should all be vegetarian
821 2 Ballarat Clarendon Team 1

St Patrick’s College Year 8

10.10am That we should stop selling bottled water


Thursday, 28 July:

  Debate No Teams Start Time Topic
822 3 St Patrick’s College Blue Year 9/10

Ballarat High School Year 10

11.45 That mining companies should be able to mine anywhere
822 4 Phoenix Team 3

St Patrick’s College Gold Year 9/10

12.45 That schooling should be conducted via the internet


South Street Speech and Drama

In week 4 we have a range of students competing in the Speech and Drama events of South Street and we wish them all the best! From improvisation exercises such as ‘Death in a Minute’ to prepared speeches on an important topic, it is bound to be a fantastic display of talent. I will report back with images and results in Week 5.